Why Personalized Training?


Because we all need a little help sometimes...

  • Help you to examine your goals - Let's find out whether your goals are realistic and how can you achieve them effectively

  • Ensure that you are accountable - He or she wants to work with you weekly and check in on you regularly to track your progress

  • Create the right activities for you - Feeling clueless about what exercise suits you? The trainer is an expert on this so leave the work to him or her. Just show up and deliver!

  • Push you a little harder - Because we believe in you! It is easy to slack off when you are by yourself but having someone to motivate you may just make all the difference

Your first PT session is FREE!

book your preferred trainer and share with him/her your goals?

We will take it from there!

3 Steps to Meet your Personal Trainer

  1. Check out Our Coaches

  2. Fill up the form and share with us your preferred Personal Trainer

  3. Please give us 1 working day to respond

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