Team Mobilus


Coming from diverse athletic backgrounds, our team of coaches are highly skilled and dedicated in their craft. From conducting group classes to personalized training, they will work with you to meet your goal.


Shawn Yong, Head Coach

CrossFit Level 2 Certified
CrossFit Mobility

FMS Level 1 Certified
NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

I started Crossfitting together with Coach Edwin back in 2012 as i wanted to try something different from the usual bodybuilding styled training they knew. It didn’t take long for us to become addicted to CrossFit as the endless pursuit of constantly having to learn a new skill and improving old ones kept us motivated to outperform each other. The desire to learn and know more led me to obtaining my CrossFit Level 1 and 2 coaching certifications soon after.

Since then, I have accumulated 4 years of coaching experience and my main passion lies primarily in Strength training. That love led to the birth of MobStrong in 2016, which is a 60 minutes strength focused class that aims to help members get stronger through structured progression.

I’m a firm believer and advocate in perfecting the basics. More people are starting to appreciate that building a solid foundation will lead to longevity and continuous growth in this sport.


Aidan Chemaly

2x CrossFit Regional Team Athlete
1x CrossFit Games Team Athlete

CrossFit Level 1 Certified
Bachelor of Sport and Recreation (Exercise Science and Community Health)

I started CrossFit at the beginning of 2013. Before that I had been playing Rugby my entire life. I started CrossFit as a way for me to get ready for the upcoming rugby season. This would be my last one season of Rugby as I was hooked after one session. I can vividly remember my second session of CrossFit and doing Fran. It took me 13:32, and now, I’ve been to the CrossFit Regionals twice and to the CrossFit Games once!!

I am a firm believer that the devil is in the details, be it in exercise or in life, paying attention to the littlest things makes all the difference. Trying to make huge changes at the get-go is unsustainable and unrealistic, we need to try make ourselves 1% better every single day. We can often become too focused on what someone else can do and not on how we can improve ourselves and also try to have as much fun as possible along the way. Or else what’s the point!

“It is the little things that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

“It is the little things that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

Kelvin Kwek

CrossFit Level 1 Certified
CrossFit Weightlifting
RockTape Taping Certified

Back in 2012, I started my fitness journey which consists mainly of cardio and weight training. I was previously working with the Reebok Merchandising team in Singapore and that was when I discovered and developed an interest for CrossFit. I first joined CrossFit Mobilus back in 2013 and after consistently pursuing what I love, what first started out as a hobby, eventually progressed into a career with CrossFit Mobilus in 2015.

As a coach, my passion towards the complex movements in CrossFit is exceptional. I will spend hours to refine my techniques, so as to provide the best coaching tips to my clients. I believe by being committed, staying disciplined, and having a positive attitude, you will unleash your potential and see the change in yourself.


“It’s not about being the best but about being better than you were yesterday”

“It’s not about being the best but about being better than you were yesterday”

Landy Eng

1x CrossFit Regional Team Athlete
CrossFit Level 1 Certified
ACE Personal Trainer Course
ISSA Personal Trainer Course
Certified Kettlebell Coach (Level 1) Integrated Training Institute
TRX Suspension Training Course
Diploma in Health Management and Promotion
Higher Nitec in Sports Management

I started out as a personal trainer offering quality personal training programme designed specifically to meet my client’s needs. Aside from my coaching passion, I have been a competitive Dragonboat athlete for 7 years and am proud to have been part of our Singapore National Dragonboat Team for 2 years.

I firmly believe I can inspire the self-belief in everyone to achieve their personal goals. Coaching people from all walks of life to improve their physical abilities while having fun at it, is what I do best!


Caster Beh

CrossFit Level 1 Certified
FISAF Personal Trainer
IKSFA Kettlebell level 1 Coach
Personal Trainer - Federation of International Sports, Aerobics & Fitness Fitness Instructor
Singapore Sports Council Certified Coach
International Kettlebell Sports & Fitness Academy Certified Trainer
TRX Suspension Trainer Certified Trainer 
Movement Efficiency Training
Certified Trainer - Crosscore Rotational Bodyweight Training 180

Aside from my extensive coaching experience working with various established sporting organisations, my most notable days were of boxing for the National Team. 6 years in boxing for the Singapore National team brought me to various international and local competitions which gained me invaluable experience in the sport of Boxing, which I have since implemented into my personal training regime. 

As a strength and conditioning coach, I am passionate about my work. I seek to always provide a safe and fun environment for everyone who wishes to work out. My training philosophy is always to move right, lift well and then train really hard. It's never about just looking good, it's really about longevity in the sport. 

I also specialize in creating weight-loss programs, offering personal training and boot camps for small size classes. I am comfortable with bringing my personal training to the client either in the gym or in the outdoor settings. I am looking forward to programming fun training programs that makes getting fit, easy.


Hayden Ong

1x CrossFit Regional Team Athlete
CrossFit Level 1 Certified
SEA GAMES 2015 Bronze Medalist (Dragonboat)
National Record Holder, U58kg Olympic Weightlifting
Project Row & Ski Certified
Mental Toughness Trainer

My fitness journey started in 2009 as a Dragonboat athlete, I joined Republic Polytechnic Dragon Boat Team in 2009 with goals of competing in the sport. I was hooked on the adrenaline of racing and the wonders of how different strokes affect the boats differently. I went on to join the national team from 2012 to 2015 and proudly bagged a bronze medal for the country.

As the Head of MobRow, I am a firm believer that if you can’t execute something with the right technique, you’ll never be able to do them well. From the perspective of someone who been in the sport of Dragonboat for a-while now, I realised that rowing on the ergometer is just as technical as Dragonboating and is a very graceful sport.

Through MobRow, I wish to change everyone’s perspective of rowing. Mobrow will provide the athletes with the platform to learn how to respect the sport, enjoy the best rowing experience and at the same time have them achieve their fullest potential in rowing.


Sohee Jo

CrossFit Level 1 Certified
Weightlifting Level 1 – Korean Coaching Association, South Korea
Basic Sports Science – Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

I started CrossFit in 2013 and through the sport I learnt that discipline and commitment paves the way for results and conditioned myself to stay competitive. That is also my belief for all my clients and I am confident in guiding my clients, through my tested and proven strategies to help my clients achieve their fitness goals.

Through my CrossFit training, I have also developed a love for Olympic weightlifting. Aside from my getting myself certified for my Weightlifting Level 1 certification from the Korean Coaching Association, I went on to compete at the Singapore National Weightlifting Open 2018 and placed 2nd in the U58Kg Open category. I am currently training with a weightlifting coach and am looking forward to impart the weightlifting knowledge that I’ve acquired to my personal training clients!


Jonas Lindbom

1X CrossFit Regional Team Athlete
2x Fittest in Singapore, 35-39 year category CrossFit Open
CrossFit Level 1 Certified
Personal Trainer – Safe Education, Stockholm

I love providing a unique solution for each of my client, depending on the client’s goal, current status, lifestyle and body type. Realistic and tangible goals will be created in conjunction with the client – it could be anything from losing 2kg of body fat to increasing your deadlift by 10kgs. I put a lot of focus on training and nutritional quality as these are the very basic foundation of a good personal training regime.

I have been physically active my entire life and tried everything from soccer, handball, martial arts to golf. I am still a very keen snowboarder while the rest of the activities have been pretty much replaced by CrossFit, as CrossFit is something that I am truly passionate about and want to spend as much time as possible doing, both as coach and as a competitor. Despite only starting this sport when I am 35 years old, I have made it to CrossFit Regionals once and am still looking and feeling amazing at the age of 40! This only proves that age is purely just a number, and should never derail you from your goals. If you set your mind to achieve something and put in a whole lot of work, I assure you, you will achieve whatever your goals are!


All our coaches are available for Personalized Training services, and the first session is free!

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