Team Achievements

  • CrossFit Pacific Regionals 2016, 27th Team
  • CrossFit Open 2016, 1st in Singapore
  • CrossFit Open 2016, 11th in Asia
  • CrossFit Open 2015 , 1st in Singapore
  • CrossFit Open 2015 , 22nd In Asia
  • Juggernaut Malaysia Opens 2016, 2nd
  • EliteSgFittest 2015, Team Champion

Individual Achievements

CrossFit Open 2016

  • Hayden Ong, Fittest RX woman in Singapore
  • Jin Pang Mardjuki Fittest Scaled Woman in Asia

Battle Royale 2016, Female Scaled Category

  • Jin Pang Mardjuki 1st
  • Zoe Teo 2nd
  • Diana Heng 14th

Battle Royale 2016, Male RX

  • Azri 14th



“An Advanced Athlete class, following competitor's programming. Heavier Lifts and Higher Skills are expected”


  • CrossFit Open
  • Regional Competitions; Battle Royale, SinCity, Juggernaut
  • Go up against the Best of the Best within the community


Please take note:
This is a by invite class, please do speak to our trainers and staff for more info.