I realised why I was lost, it was not because I did not have a map, it was because I didn’t have a destination


Hello Mobiletes! As we begin a brand new year, there's no better time to think of what you want to achieve in the new year. Have you set your goals? Here's why and how to set them effectively.

The purpose of goal setting is to give you a clear direction of where you should be heading and according to Dr. Daniel Gould from Michigan State University, research has shown that "goal setting has not only been shown to influence the performance of athletes but also been linked to positive changes in important psychological traits such as confidence and motivation." 

Unfortunately, goal setting is a skill that most people do not know how to employ effectively.  There's no surprise that only ~8% of people actually achieve their new year resolutions.

Therefore I'd like to share with everyone a S.M.A.R.T method which I've learnt in my Applied Sports Psychology course. :)

S - Specific : What exactly do you want to achieve?    (Eg: consecutive kipping Toes to Bar with good form;  focus on good external rotation and head position  )
M - Measurable : Can progress be measured? How will I know if my goal is achieved?   (Eg: 30 consecutive kipping Toes to Bar with good form)
A - Achievable : Do you know others who have done it? How far away are you from the goal?   (Eg: Yes. I can do 15 already!)
R - Relevant : Why do you want to achieve it?  Is it relevant to you?   (Eg: Because it will likely come out in the Opens)
T - Time-Framed : By When?   (Eg:  March 2015)

So, instead of setting general goals like "get better at gymnastics movements" or "improve Toes to Bar", one can set SMART goals like "30 consecutive kipping Toes to Bar with good form by March 2015"

Master this skill and you will have one of the most powerful personal development tool to achieve success in any skill or endeavour of your choosing!

Happy new year and happy goal setting! (Feel free share your goals in the comments section)