Train smart, eat well and look great.

Train smart, eat well and look great.

Ever wonder where words like ‘diet’ or ‘detox’ came from?

Eating well starts from the mind. More often than not, we think that healthy eating means ruthlessly eliminating the bad or constraining ourselves to consume blend and unappetizing food. A big part of that mental formation comes from the culture we live in. A culture unfortunately where processed food is becoming more available and made faster and suddenly we realize the only way to regain equilibrium is to ‘D’ yourself. Thankfully for us, we can chuck that mindset. We asked Dominic, Shawn, Ian, Cheryl, Josh and Serene and a good friend of Mobilus, Feng (who happen to be CrossFit Games Asia Regional’s no.3 in 2012) to show us the way on eating, performing and looking great.

1. Eat a rainbow everyday

Keep your plate colorful. Red peppers, zucchini, mushrooms..etc. Colorful vegetables are packed with phytonutrients to keep diseases at bay and your body in check.

2. Make veggies your starch

Veggies like squash, beans and corn contains complex carbohydrates that releases glucose gradually instead of spiking your blood sugar. The result? A reduced craving for sugar!

3. Buy stuff without a label

A sure fire way to reduce bad sugars is to eat whole and unprocessed food as much as possible.

4. Choose quality over calorie

Not every calorie is the same. Proteins are choice. A high protein diet can also boost metabolism to burn calories off faster and significantly reduce appetite and cravings.

5. Get meat at the wet market

Last checked from a new father who’s actively marketing, a whole kampong chicken cost $8 while a similar steamed chicken at the hawker cost $15.