CrossFit Mobilus salutes Singapore

CrossFit Mobilus salutes Singapore

I am extremely grateful for the peace and stability we enjoy in Singapore. Today’s “WOD 49” reminded me that we should never take our independence for granted. Onward to Jubilee!
— Dominic

We close the National Day weekend with a deep sense of gratitude of the lives we are living here in Singapore. In this present violent day and age, we remember that we enjoy a nation's peace and prosperity which isn't free. As a community, we are glad we can come together and share a workout and celebrate 49 years of nation building.  

"WOD49" is a celebration comprising of a series of movements symbolising the 49 years of nation building work of Singapore's forefathers and mothers. 49 log splitters, 49 burpee box jumps, 49-39-29 double unders, 49 thrusters, 49 V-sit ups, 49 pull ups, 49 push ups and 49 kettlebell swings. It was hard work, hard fought but it was one workout that we chose to do as devotion to our country. Happy birthday Singapore. Many wonderful and prosperous years ahead. Majulah Singapura.