"I do CrossFit 5-6 times a week as a new way to stay fit" - Kacy Catanzaro.

It's no secret why Kacy is formidable and poised dominating the Ninja Warrior course where many has failed. Many of us can agree that a WOD is one of the most mentally challenging thing you've ever done in your life. But the mind games of CrossFit is truly less sadistic than it is strategic in forging an unbreakable mind and spirit. How can we take advantage of a CrossFit WOD and sharpen our will? We summarized 3 keynotes from Kacy's interview that will forge an iron will to demolish any WOD. 

1. Champs demand more of their fitness - The hardest part of her journey was to harness the courage and determination to go after a goal. When you come to a WOD, set out a realistic target be it time or reps, tell your trainer or buddy to help you get to it and go for it.

2. Champs face your fears over and over - Even as a world class gymnast competitor she still gets the nerves but her trick was this - being able to LOVE it and push through OVER AND OVER again develops a reliable and resilient mindset and separates good from great.

3. Champs see the obstacles and form an attack plan - The demands of a WOD multi-dimensional requiring not just fitness but skill. Have a deliberate plan of practice movement patterns beyond WOD sessions. Approach WODs with a plan of attack to know when to push and went to recover and a discipline to stick to it no matter what. 

Once you set these mind switches on, a new world of PRs awaits. Like always, the community will be right behind you. Be unbreakable.