CrossFit Mobilus supports Canossaville Children's Home

CrossFit Mobilus supports Canossaville Children's Home

The inspiring thing about giving is that it is a way of life that starts from the ground up. Everyone can do something that adds on. This fundraiser started when one of our members came up and shared his involvement in fulfilling the wish list for the home the last 2 years. We thought we'll like to give a hand.

The Canossaville Children's Home offers care to girls aged between 6 to 12 years who come from family situations which may put them at risk. The Home provides residential care for these children with emotional and psychological support.  In addition, the Home also provides a Student Care Centre which provides a safe environment for children either before or after school. The Home is also an Integrated Student Care Centre which is able to take in children who are hearing impaired and who are dyslexic.

To ease the financial burden, CCH regularly seeks donations for their Wish List, which comprises of mostly food related items such as rice, fruits, potatoes, frozen chicken amongst others.

The fund raiser format will be max effort movements covering back squat, strict press, 1 min double unders and 1 min pull ups. $15 a go + a full potluck after the event. 100% of funds go to the Home via cheque. Additional funds to the home are welcomed.

It's all happening this 2nd August 9:30am - 12:30pm at our box.

Show your support and join the event here