To the 21 Opens Mobiletes and the 'always on' Mobilus Community.

The Opens for all of us started out as a quest to find out where we were in our fitness through a year of CrossFit training. Today, as we mark the end of the CrossFit Opens, we stand together celebrating the achievements unlocked as individuals and as a community.

We didn't arrive at this juncture by mistake or chance. As I reflect, I recall lengthy debates on why we are doing this and mind draining discussions in and out of the box on the many mechanics and logistics. To that I celebrate the leaders. Rich, Shawn, Edwin, Jensen, Jick, CK and James for their mental fortitude above and beyond their daily training driven by a flaming heart for progress. Every move we make was intentional - to bring people to a new level of fitness together. The Opens like the Ironman and the Tough Mudder is a test of your training. It should not be entered without proper preparation mentally, physically and in skill.  

Last year amongst the 21 Open Mobiletes, there are those of us who can't do a single pull up. Some who can't imagine participating in the Opens. Some, myself included, could hardly finish an Open WOD. Last month, we found ourselves trusting our training and stepping out into the unknown boldly. We found ourselves repeating several open WODs several times. We found ourselves lying in a pool of sweat surprised by our fitness. Read each others' Facebook reflection. Linda, Cheryl, Jamie, John, Annie, Dom, Serene, jick, James to name a few. Their fitness is real. And I know that has excite many of us in our own journey of fitness.

To the greater Mobilus Community,

Our progress was real but your support was even more real. I've seen it and dare say the difference between mediocre and great performance lies in the decibel of your cheers. The unspoken pats on the back pre-WOD. The late night whatsapp messages to rest early. The buddy rub downs. The exchange of WOD strategies. The show of force on Opens day and the thundering cheers and applause to the very end. You truly made us stronger than we were before. 

This closing makes the start of a new phase of our training and community growth. Now, it's time to celebrate. See you at this Sunday's BBQ.

- Josh